Item #: WCIT Member Dues
Reg. Price: $200.00
Our Price: $150.00
Name of Applicant:
Are you currently a member of the Phoenix Zoo?
Membership Number (if known)
Name of Employer:
How did you learn about the WCIT?
Are you personally aquainted with a current staff or volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo?
If so, who?
Are you currently a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo or any other non-profit?
If so, which one and please briefly explain your involvement:
What do you consider to be your area(s) of expertise (professional and/or personal?)
Why do you want to volunteer as a member of the Wildest Club in Town?
Spouse Name:
Name and ages of children:
Professional Associations and Clubs:
Associations with other Non-Profit Organizations:
Hobbies or Leisure Time Interests:
Past Experience with ACNC/Phoenix Zoo:
Additional Biographical Data:


As a member of the WCIT, you have access to networking opportunities, professional development programs, behind-the-scenes experiences and Phoenix Zoo volunteer projects.

A paid annual membership of the Zoo is required.