Wild Science Academy lets you explore the world of science with South Mountain Park as your classroom! These affordable and educational two-hour classes teach science using the resources of our environmental education center and stunning Sonoran Desert landscape.  Hands-on investigations, trail explorations, animal artifacts, fieldwork and other inquiry-based learning activities bring science to life! Designed for home school students, but open to all, Wild Science Academy is perfect for any young student with a desire to learn more about science. Each class is also developed using Arizona Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

For special 3 class package pricing, please call 602.914.4333.

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December:  Energy Matters!

How does energy power the animals and plants in the desert? What unique strategies do plants have for efficiently using energy? Explore the relationship between different parts of the desert food web and delve into the incredible ways plants make energy. With South Mountain Park as their laboratory, students will learn about solar energy, edible plants and the ways energy systems influence agriculture in the Valley of the Sun

February:  Pollination Ecology

Did you know the beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape would not exist without pollination? In this hands-on class, students will investigate the animal adaptations of pollinators and the plant adaptations that attract them. By studying real data, students will learn and then model the ways pollination affects an entire ecosystem.