Member - $30 per child/adult pair
  $23 each additional child/adult pair, $11 each additional adult
General - $40 per child/adult pair

$30 each additional child/adult pair, $14 each additional adult


Join us for a continental breakfast of "people food" and activity stations that include a variety of movement, art, songs and learning exploration, followed by an amazing animal encounter. The activities in this program focus on promoting curiosity, fostering empathy, encouraging discovery and introducting/reinforcing age appropriate learning about numbers, letters, words, shapes, colors, textures and more!

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March: Flamingo
"Flamingle" with the flock in this month's breakfast adventure! Join in on the fun to discover what a flamingo nest looks like, learn about unique flamingo adaptations and, most importantly, how flamingos get their pink color! Following breakfast and activities, we will get up close with the flamingos as we join bird keepers to hand deliver their breakfast.
April: Elephant
They say elephants never forget, and we are certain YOU will never forget this amazing experience! In this month's breakfast adventure, discover how elephants use their trunks, what they like to eat and much, much more! After breakfast and activities, you'll learn more about the elephants that call the Phoenix Zoo home as we get an up-close look at their exhibit. We will assist elephant keepers with their daily behavioral enrichment by hiding "elephant cookies" in the elephant yard and watching as the elephants search for the hidden treats!
May: Alligator
Get ready for a thrill as we learn about some of the most prehistoric animals to still walk the earth! In this month's breakfast adventure, you'll learn all about the Zoo's amazing alligators. Discover what they like to eat, the unique adaptations they have to survive in their freshwater ecosystems and more. After breakfast and activities, participants will enjoy a front-row view as we observe these amazing animals receive enrichment items from their keepers!