Wild Science Academy lets you explore the world of science with the Zoo as your classroom! These affordable and educational two-hour classes teach science through animal interactions, behind-the-scenes experiences, laboratory investigations, group projects, Zoo hikes and other inquiry-based learning activities. Designed for home school students, but open to all, Wild Science Academy is perfect for any young student with a desire to learn more about the science of zoos. Each class is also developed using Arizona Science Standards. 

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November:  Dinosaurs in the Desert

Dinosaurs have returned from extinction and are invading the Phoenix Zoo! In this special class to celebrate the larger-than-life exhibit opening at the Zoo this fall, junior and senior Wild Scientists will study the surprising relatives of dinosaurs that are still thriving in today’s world. Plus, we’ll take an unforgettable journey along the Desert Lives Trail for a special guided tour of the Dinosaurs in the Desert exhibit! 

December: Endangered Species

In this class, we’ll examine the beautiful, unique animals all over the planet whose populations have, unfortunately, declined for a variety of reasons. Students will have a chance to learn more about the life-saving work the Phoenix Zoo is doing to preserve species and habitats in countries around the world!

January:  Bump in the Night

As the sun goes down, what animals are just beginning to wake up? Learn about our nocturnal neighbors and the myths and legends that surround them. As we study their remarkable adaptations to live in darkness, we’ll have some fun and create our own myths to accompany them!

February: Intelligent Animals

Humans aren’t the only smart animals around! Many animals can change their behavior in order to adapt to their environment. Through a variety of fun experiments, students will test their skills against some of the most clever members of the animal kingdom. We’ll put our own intelligence to the test as we train bugs to navigate through a maze!

March:  Extreme Animals

Due to the heat, Arizona can be a harsh environment. In order to survive in these difficult conditions, many species have made incredible adaptations like unique defensive mechanisms, amazing methods of conserving water and more practical ways of getting around. Students will create their own one-of-a-kind adaptation to thrive in an extreme environment! 

April: Animal Engineers

Get your hands dirty as we become animal engineers! Discover why some animals choose to live underground in the Sonoran Desert and find out what animal is crazy enough to build its home in the arms of a cholla cactus.

May:  The Bone Lab

How are the bones of a bird different from those of a cow? How do carnivores process the bones in their food? Our bones play a vital role in keeping our bodies upright, but what animals that don’t have a skeleton? We’ll look closely at the extraordinary differences and similarities between bones of multiple species. 

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