Have you ever wondered what a career at the Zoo might be like?  In this exciting program, you can find out! Critter Keeper Careers provides children with the opportunity to explore a variety of animal care careers through this non-stop, fun-filled afternoon! Critter Keepers participate in all aspects of animal care including cleaning, distributing diets and preparing enrichment items for our animal collection. Small class sizes allow us to offer an exclusive and personalized adventure in which young people experience the excitement, hard work and patience required to be a Zoo professional and care for Zoo animals. All Critter Keepers are outfitted with a t-shirt and water bottle.

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January: Behavioral Enrichment

Zookeepers are constantly seeking ways to enrich the lives of the animals in their care.  Through hands-on exploration and creation, Critter Keepers will discover the many different types of enrichment that are used at the Zoo to stimulate natural behavior and add a little creativity fun to the lives of our animals! 

February: Animal Trainers

Have you ever wondered how zookeepers train the amazing animals that you’ve seen in our show? In this program, we will get an up-close look at all the work that goes into caring for our education animals and will learn from our animal trainers what it takes to plan an animal show.  Critter Keepers will observe animal training techniques and learn how our animal professionals must communicate with both animals and people to convey conservation messages.

March: Animal Care Professionals: Zoo Vets

Get set to be a vet!  Go on a tour of our Animal Care Center and learn first-hand what it’s like to provide healthcare to the animals at the Zoo.  This program will take you inside the challenging and rewarding job of the animal care staff at the Phoenix Zoo.